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Services Offered
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Experienced horse owners live on site; offering the following services to help you out.

Stallion Collection & Shipping:

$250 per collection - prepared and packaged w/counts

Shipping is cost of Fed Ex - billed after shipment

Breeding Information Links:

Pasture Board: 
$ 200 month
- Clean Hay (free choice)

- Redmond Rock Minerals
- Clean 100 gallon Water Tanks
- Various Size Leans to get out of the Weather
- Large Sand Arena for riding
- Close to Seasonal & Gravel roads for additional riding

Foaling out Mares:
$ 250 = Foaling of Mare (Normal Delivery) - Boarding not included
           - 10 x 16 Foaling Stall - Dirt Floor Limed after each use
           - Private Pasture for foaling
           - Umbilical Cord treated with Gentle Iodine
           - LBC Paste for Mare & Foal
           - Ivermectin given to Mare at Foaling
           - Foal imprinted at birth
           - Video monitoring of stall from House
           - Reproduction Veterinarian availible on call at all times
             (at Mare owners cost)
           - 15 + Yrs. of Foaling Experience with our own Mares
           - Owners live on Farm
Boarding for Foaling:
          Dry Mare = $ 15.00 per day
          Wet Mare = $ 20.00 per day
          Stall Monthly = $ 350.00
          Pasture Monthly = $ 250.00
          Includes 2 x's Daily Grain TRIBUTE - KALM N EZ or ESSENTIAL K
          Grass & Alfafa Hay
          Fresh Water
          Bedded in Pine Shavings
         Turnout in Good Weather

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